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Uintah Basin Youth Orchestra - Vernal, UT

The purpose of the Uintah Basin Youth Chamber Orchestra is to inspire our youth to realize their true potential and enrich the community through great music. I am pleased to announce the second season of the Uintah Basin Youth Chamber Orchestra. UBYCO will provide the best ensemble training in the Uintah basin by providing coaching and direction by the best string coaches in the area. Students will have the opportunity to play standard Classical and American Contemporary ensemble pieces. They will prepare themselves for college careers by participating in a culture of education, performance and teamwork. Playing in a high quality music ensemble is an experience like no other. There are few places in the world where young musicians can come together to play the great standard works that so many great musicians have played before them, and now the youth of the Uintah Basin have that opportunity to get together and share their talents with one another.

-Brad Vanfleet, Executive Director



Auditions will be held August 8-12 by appointment. You can request an appointment by emailing bradvanfleet@ubyco.org Time will be give before your audition to warm up. You may download this audition application and fill out the top section. Audition applications will also be available at your audition.

There is no age requirement but each student will have to pass a skills test. Participation in your schools instrumental music program is usually required. An exception to this would be if the child is home schooled. You will be rated based on your technical abilities, shifting, intonation, tone, and expression. Seating assignments in the ensemble will be based on your audition.

Additional Requirments

Suggestions of what to play for your audition would be a fast movement of a concerto, Bach Suites for cello or viola, Bach Partita in E Major for violin, A movement of a major concerto for bass. You may also choose something from Suzuki book 3 or harder. These are not the required pieces that you will be expected to play for your audition, they are just suggestions. The very best thing to do is to ask your private teacher for guidance and direction to help prepare you for your audition and song choices.

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Concert Dates

Fall Concert November 11, 2017 7:00 PM Vernal Middle School
Spring Concert April 7, 2018 7:00 PM Vernal Middle school

Tickets are $5 at the door. Students are free. Donations are accepted. UBYCO is a non-profit organization.



  • Chamber Orchestra-$325.00
  • Audition Fee - $20.00 due - at the audition. Audition fee is applied to tuition if accepted into UBYCO. Half will be refunded if not accepted into UBYCO.
  • A special discount applies for families with multiple participants.
  • Tuition is due at the first rehearsal. It is non-refundable. Monthly payment plans are possible as well as financial aid.

    If you need assistance, contact Brad Vanfleet. Phone: (801) 979-2267 Email: bradvanfleet@ubyco.org.

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